I’m a third-year PhD student in the Linguistics Department at the University of Maryland. My advisors are Masha Polinsky and Omer Preminger.

Very broadly, I’m interested in exploring what the limitations of natural language can tell us about its general properties. My research is in morphology, syntax and semantics, with an empirical focus on Slavic and Mayan languages. Some of the topics I have been interested in are as follows: mixed categories (participles and nominalizations), inter- and intra-linguistic variation in the size of nominal phrases and its repercussions (the NP/DP debate), bare-NP adverbials, and the interplay of telicity, event complexity and grammatical aspect in Slavic.

I’m affiliated with UMD’s Field Station in Patzún, Guatemala, where I learned Kaqchikel in the winter of 2020. Since March 2021 I have worked with K’iche’ speakers, mainly examining the widely held (but not closely investigated) view that Mayan languages lack the category Tense.

Before coming to Maryland, I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. I am still involved with NSLing, a research group based at UNS.